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Avenue Chiett 假髮焗油護理 Wig Repair Treatment

  • 視頻 Video: 假髮清洗及護理 Medical Wig / Hairpiece wash and care

    • 有效滲透到頭髮中,有助於恢復彈性和重建強度
    • 修復由化學品和環境壓力造成的損害LPP(低分子多肽)
    • 有助於保護頭髮免受化學過程前後的破損
    • 原產地: 韓國
    • 1000ml


    • 使用精油洗髮水清潔假髮或髮片後,將它吹乾,再將焗油護理 (大概兩個港幣五蚊硬幣大小) 塗抹在整個假髮或髮片上待15分鐘後放入室溫水中浸泡3分鐘再用室溫水清洗乾淨。
    • 之後可以使用髮尾油滋養假髮或髮片。
    • This repair treatment penetrates effectively into the hair to help restore elasticity 
    • Rebuild strength while repairing damage cause by chemicals and environmental stresses LPP(Low molecular polypetide)
    • Helps to protect hair from heat, chemical, breakage, before and after chemical process. 
    • Origin: Korea 
    • 1000ml


    • After cleaning the wig or hairpiece with Essential Oil Shampoo, blow it dry, then apply the hair repair treament (approx. 2 HK$5 coin size) onto the entire wig or hairpiece for 15 minutes, then soak it in room temperature water for 3 minutes. Wash with room temperature water.  
    • You can then apply Hair Oil to nourish the wig or hairpiece., pub-1917400105785390, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0